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Our Story

Inspired by a multicultural aesthetic that celebrates natural curves, textures and sacred art, our contemporary designs are envisioned to become cherished wardrobe treasures that flatter your form in multiple ways.

We believe we can deliver an authentic and timeless style, with flexible fashion that fits your movements through life, while celebrating your authenticity in a variety of sizes, textures, and colors.  Catering to yoga, dance, and an active lifestyle, with clothing that you'll feel sexy and comfortable in. All the while, upholding a professional, sophisticated look.

By embracing ethical manufacturing standards, our design vision, and artistic collaborations, we are able to support our worldwide community in positive ways. 

Our designs are produced in Bali, Indonesia and we are honored to say that all work is done with a mutual gratitude, respect and trust.

We are devoted to integrating elegant, eco-friendly fabrics, to provide our customers with the ultimate in function and form. When cared for properly, these garments will last. We strive to make ecological choices throughout our production process and ensure that our team of manufacturers work in excellent conditions and earn equitable wages.

Ninety percent of the fabrics used in our collection are milled locally in Indonesia. With China being the world leader in the export of eco-fabrics (especially to the USA), it’s our way of making a conscious effort to support localization.

We are one family, on one planet, working together, as partners, towards a sustainable future. Thank you for your conscious choice to support the global independent designer movement.

Designed Locally
Crafted Globally
Sewn Ethically