What is Fast Fashion And Why Should We Avoid It?

March 25 2021 – Cara Ucci

women's plant-based soft stretchy rayon jersey top in berry purple with thumbholes
women's plant-based soft stretchy rayon jersey top in berry purple with thumbholes

First: What Is Fast Fashion?

Let's begin with the environmental impact of Fast Fashion: 10% of all our carbon emissions have, at one point in very recent times, been produced by the global fashion industry. Not only that but in recent years, it has been one of the largest consumers of water the world over, not to mention the amount of micro-plastic pollution it has contributed to the oceans. That. Is. HUGE. We live in a consumer-driven society, and unfortunately, our shopping addictions have created many problems and excess waste. 

The Solution: Slow Fashion. 

Slower production schedules, longer-lasting clothes, eco-friendly production processes, and smaller carbon footprints could help make the fashion industry a zero-waste system. Slow Fashion means better wages for workers, more durable and higher quality clothes, lower volume, repurposing and recycling previously used materials, and a LOT less waste.

How We Make A Smaller Impact.

At CARAUCCI, we know that we have just this one planet. We do our best to make conscious decisions throughout our production process, like using bamboo, a more sustainable source for plant-based materials. We use closed-loop processes, which means reusing the chemicals used to treat fabrics, which, added bonus, makes them softer (yay!). Our production facility and fabric manufacturer are close by, which means fewer carbon emissions from transportation. Plus, we use eco-mailers. These are just some of the steps we take as a small business to be kinder to the earth so we can continue living on it for a while longer.

Sustainability Starts With You.

How can you, the consumer, make an impact? Fabric Care; using cold water instead of hot, washing your garments on the delicate cycle, and using a drying rack instead of the drier. Making these small steps on your end means your clothes will last longer, will be more durable, and your energy consumption will go down, at least a little, as time goes on.

Join The Slow Fashion Movement

Choose companies that are serious about supporting a healthy environment. Keep an eye out for how they're being sustainable and in what ways they're taking steps to leave smaller carbon footprints in their wake. Small businesses to big businesses, change can be challenging, but our lives and the lives of flora and fauna around us are totally worth the effort.

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