CARAUCCI Women's Fashion

About the Brand

CARAUCCI was established in 1999. The inspiration behind the brand is drawn from the symmetry and textural perfection occurring in the realms of nature. Instinctually drawn to earth derived color palettes and the alluring tones of gemstones, designer, Cara Ucci, has nurtured a consistent theme throughout her career.

Jewelry continues to play a major role in the collections, with a shift towards incorporating more brass and organic materials such as bone, horn and shell.

The clothing collection has experienced a dramatic adaptation in the recent past. Cara Ucci has always been enthralled by the rich history of the Indian subcontinent, tribal textiles and ornamentation. Shifting production to Bali, has opened new opportunities to experiment with innovative knits and jerseys as well as eco-fabrics such as organic cotton and modal.

Our vision is to offer an eclectic collection of clothing and accessories that reflect the divine balance between work and play; form and function—timeless treasures that exude a sense of sophistication and adventure. Today’s dynamic lifestyles demand comfort and flexibility without sacrificing quality and style.


Manufacturing and Ethics

CARAUCCI is manufactured in Bali, Indonesia. We are honored to say that all work is done with a mutual gratitude, respect, and trust.

By hand selecting only the highest quality materials, we hope to provide you with the ultimate in function and form. When cared for properly, our garments will last. We strive to make ecological choices throughout our production process and ensure that our team of manufacturers work in excellent conditions and earn equitable wages.

90% of the fabrics used in our collection are milled locally in Indonesia. With China being the world leader in the export of eco-fabrics (especially to the US), it’s our way of making a conscious effort to support localization.

We are one family on one planet working together, as partners, towards a sustainable future. On behalf of our global community, we thank you for your conscious choice to support the independent designer movement.